Farmville 2 Cheats No Surveys

Farmville 2 cheats


You can use the Farmbucks cheat on the trainer to buy all the items on this month’s theme “Love is in the Air”. We have tested it and it works well. You can check out our video proof here.


Greetings! If you’re looking for a 100% working Farmville 2 cheats that is not a scam, does not have surveys and will not get your account in trouble, then you have come to the right place. We have over 8,000 members who have downloaded and enjoyed our cheats for different Facebook games. We started with which later became This is our final site and we have big plans for our future and to our loyal members who have stayed with us for more than a year already.

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We actually prefer to call it as Trainer because this is a program that our programmers created to make cheating on the game very easy. Our Farmville 2 cheats / trainer was first created last Nov 2012 when the game was still a few months old. Before our trainer was created, we already had some farmville 2 cheats but they were all a bit complicated to do since it involved a lot of code editing and using different types of softwares. We later decided to just create a single program that will do all the cheats but it will be very easy to do that anyone can do them in just a click of a button. Thus the FARMVILLE 2 TRAINER was born. Feel free to visit our Farmville 2 cheats Facebook Page for updates.


Unlimited Coins – With our Farmville 2 coins cheats, you can get millions of coins easily any time you want. All you need to do is just press two buttons on our trainer and you’re rich! We do suggest not to overdo the cheat and get hundreds of millions in a single day to avoid getting in trouble.

Unlimited Water and Crafting Power – If you’re tired of always waiting for your water to refill every minute or two, or not having enough crafting power to craft the items that you need then you will love this feature of our trainer. With our Farmville 2 water cheats, just press a button and your water and power will instantly recharge every time you use them. Without the cheat, each water refills after 3-4 minutes. With out cheat, each water refills in 1-2 seconds only!

Unlimited Farmbucks (Yes, for real!) – Most people would say that there’s no Farmville 2 farmbucks cheats and that all you see on the internet are all fakes. Well most of them are indeed fake. But our’s is not. Our Farmville 2 trainer can really hack farmbucks. We have been using it for over 6 months now and all our members have used the cheat too with no problems. Our trainer will give you temporary 10,000 farmbucks that you can use to buy items, finish quests, etc. It’s temporary to avoid getting caught cheating. After you restart the game, your farmbucks will return to normal but all the things that you bought and did with the farmbucks will remain. Cool huh?

Buy Consumable Items For Free – Consumable items like fertilizer, water pack, sugar packs, etc can be bought on the market using farmbucks. With our Farmville 2 Farmbucks cheats, you can buy all the consumable items that you need any time you want! We strongly suggest to our members to just buy the amount of items that they need for a few days and do not hoard to avoid getting in trouble. Once they have used the items, they can just turn on the cheat again and buy new set.

Finish Buildings Instantly – No more asking neighbors for required items to start building the latest structures on your farm. With our Farmville 2 cheats / trainer, you can instantly build them even if you have not yet gotten the required items. Combined with the Farmville 2 Farmbucks cheats, you can then just pay for the people needed to complete the building and not ask for help from neighbors. Buildings can be finished in less than 1 minute with our Farmville 2 cheats!

Expand for FREE – Don’t have enough money to expand on new lands? Doing quests takes too long? With out Farmville 2 cheats / trainer, you can expand for free on any land around your farm. No need to spend farmbucks or coins. Can be done on any level. This is the most popular feature of our Farmville 2 trainer that thousands of our members have found to be very useful.






We could not give this Farmville 2 cheats for free because we have programmers and employees to pay every month. We are serious about our cheats business. We do not offer surveys. Scammers do that. We don’t. Our cheats are 100% working and we have programmers who regularly look for new cheats to create or always ready to fix our cheats in case of game bugs and patches. We have very friendly support team that is ready 24/7 to assist you through email if you need help with making our cheats work.


Of course you can! We have members who are as young as highschool students and as old as grandmothers! You do not need special computer skills to use our Farmville 2 trainer! All you need to learn is how to use a mouse and click on buttons! That’s it! We also provide very detailed video guides and pdf text guides for all our cheats. Our support team is always ready to lend a helping hand to our members.

15 Responses to “Farmville 2 Cheats No Surveys”

  1. LaurieJameson says:

    I bought a 2 months membership. I’m confuse though. How do I get the cheats? Where can I find it? Sorry for the question. I just might have missed something. =(

    • admin says:

      Hello Laurie, Don’t worry about it. We’re here to help. After your purchase of a membership on our forum, return to our main forum and you will now see the VIP SECTION. Visit that section and there you will find the trainer for download, section for each game where you can ask for help, etc. Feel free to post on the forum any time you need help or you want to help other members. Thank you again for the purchase. =D

  2. JOelx says:

    I finally got the trainer. Thanks everyone for your help! I really really like it! I hope you can add more games! Thank you once again! Worth the $10. Will definitely buy again once it expires.

    • admin says:

      Hey Joel. We are glad you enjoyed our trainer. Yes we do plan to add more game cheats on it. Our plan is to add one game cheat every 1-2 months without increasing our monthly price. 😀

  3. JaneMurphy says:

    This looks great. Does it really work? Having a lot of farmbucks seems like a formula for a disaster. Will my account not get banned for this?

    • admin says:

      Hello Jane. No, you will not get banned for getting unlimited farmbucks using our trainer. Why? Because the farmbucks that you will get are only temporary. Meaning, it’s not saved on your account so the server of the game will not be able to see that you have them. You can buy items using that farmbucks and when you are done buying, simply restart the game and your farmbucks will return to normal but the items that you bought will still be there. This has been working since Nov 2012 so we are confident that this will work for a long time. I hope this answers your question.

  4. Jamie says:

    Hello, On your forum it looks like the $10 membership includes other cheats aside from farmville 2. Is this correct? I am interested to get a membership. Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Yes, for your monthly membership, you will get all the cheats on one trainer. For now, we only have Farmville 2, Criminal Case and Plants vs Zombies: Adventures. We plan on adding one cheat every 1-2 months which will be free of charge for our vip members. So for your $10 membership, you actually get 3 cheats instead of 1. It’s an all-in-one trainer. We hope this answers your question. Thank you

  5. nathalie says:

    bonsoir je n’arrive pas a le télécharger comment faire

    • admin says:

      Hello nathalie, please login on our forum and you will see the VIP Private forum which contains all the download links that you need. You need to buy a membership first before you can see the VIP forum.

      Bonjour Nathalie, s’il vous plaît vous connecter sur notre forum et vous verrez le VIP forum privé qui contient tous les liens de téléchargement que vous voulez. Vous devez acheter une adhésion avant de pouvoir voir le forum de VIP.

  6. Leah says:

    Wow I didn’t expected this really works. I have tried other cheats on other sites before and all of them were fakes and scammers. I should have realized that since they were all free and they keep asking me to do surveys. So I guess paying for something is really worth it. lol.

    • admin says:

      Hello Leah, we are happy to hear that you find our trainers helpful. Yes, most of those free cheats with surveys are fake programs. Feel free to share this news to your friends. Thank you

  7. nathalie says:

    bonsoir j’ai déjà pris le vip

  8. Alex says:

    Hey I got the cheats. Everything’s working fine except for one cheat on the criminal case trainer. I may just be doing something wrong. Could you please help? Thank you

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